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StoryRadar Elite - View Stories to Attract Raving Fans

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StoryRadar Elite is the cutting-edge tool that drives your fanbase & engagement through the roof 📈


StoryRadar views targeted stories with your account, skyrocketing your exposure by voting and answering story polls, sliders, quizzes and question boxes.

Energize a new audience with easy interactions on stories.

After you order, you will receive an email and/or text with your access notification (usually in a few minutes!). Then you can use your order email to join us on where you can manage your accounts from the Dashboard.

  • Connecting your account is easy. From the time you connect, you can configure & start your Viewer in under 8 minutes. It's just that simple.
  • Prefer to have our team optimize? We will add solid targeting for you, complimentary service from our Concierge team.

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StoryRadar is Web-Based - You can access it from your iPhone or Desktop with Ease

Built for Businesses, Influencers and Agencies...

For businesses that need more attention on their brand, StoryRadar can attract fascinated followers by targeting industry-related pages. Plus, once they see your brand, you can increase organic conversions through inbound messages from interested prospects.

Individuals looking to grow a personal brand can now build their ideal audience fast, without having to do expensive outreach and boring tasks. Nearly anyone can gain with StoryRadar, even if you don't post all the time.

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"19 new followers (real people lol) + so many more likes + views than I usually get - and in the first 24 hrs. Impressive 👍🏽"

- Ana Y // Gained 612 followers in just 12 days across three profiles

When StoryRadar finds users with active stories, it then pushes you to the top of their Story Viewer list, simply by dropping a Story Like or interacting with stickers. Perform basic actions such as:

  • Automatic Story Viewing
  • Randomized Story Likes
  • Highlighted Story Likes
  • Sticker Tap Interactions

Then, configure your ideal engagement actions with ease. You can automatically interact with any type of story sticker, including:

  • Polls - Cast your vote on autopilot across any story poll stickers
  • Poll Sliders - Show how you feel with a randomized slider interaction
  • Quizzes - Automatically take a guess on multiple choice quiz stickers
  • Countdowns - Become a fan of your fans, by joining their countdown timer for their big event!
  • Questions - Answer any question by setting up creative responses through StoryRadar Answers tab

"Loving the program... the slower steady build up way more organic bro"

- Ayinde S // Gained 171 followers after 1 Week of StoryRadar

Here are the Best Features of StoryRadar...

Regular Updates ⚙️

Our dedicated team of world-class developers are constantly analyzing new ways to make StoryRadar even better. In our next update, AI Targeting will give our users the unfair advantage in growing their fan-base. (more to come shortly!)

Advanced Targeting 🎯

Automatically target users who follow other profiles, use certain hashtags or post to certain locations.

Mass Story Viewing 🤩

View targeted story posts from your account. Set an Activity Time Schedule so your viewer runs several hours during the day.

Auto Like Stories 💕

Automatically like stories by other users who follow other profiles, use certain hashtags or post to certain locations

Schedule Posts & Other Automation 📸

Schedule your photos and stories to be posted on a day or at a time you choose. You can also setup Automatic Follow, Unfollow, Likes, Comments, and Comment Engagements.

Send Direct Messages 💌

Use the same targeting to reach out to ideal prospects for your brand, give your fans a warm hello or check in with your existing audience. Use our Spin-tax feature to create thousands of different message iterations in minutes

Follower + Likes Tracking 👥

Each Targeting source is tracked for follow-back and like-back ratios so you know which users, locations, hashtags or audiences worked best!

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“this is working magic on my account! keep it up!”

- Brandon S. // Gained 118 Followers in 2 Days of using StoryRadar

New Features on StoryRadar 10.8!

  • Target Quality Tracking
    • Our new AI will identify the quality of your targets with Red, Yellow and Green indicators to help you understand where your audience is coming from.
  • Reply to Pending DM
    • Now you can automatically open Pending Messages and move them to General folder when you receive them
  • Message Templates
    • Configure Welcome DM, Outbound DM, Pending DM, Comments and Answers in the new Message Templates section
  • Full Reels Scheduling Support
    • Post Reels to any page with your custom caption, hashtags, mentions and more using the Scheduling tool.
  • Welcome Messages to New Followers
    • We have enabled Welcome DM on all new accounts, send your growing audience an exciting reply to get their interest moving in the right direction. Perfect for lead flow, booking calls and event planning.
  • Repost Reels and Posts
    • Sometimes it's just easier to reshape the content you are posting on one page, to another! With the Repost function, you can setup automatic reposts to deliver to your fans daily. Plus, use the deep captions feature to build enticing copy for your posts.
  • Reels Feed Targeting
    • View stories of users engaging with content on your own Reels feed. This method works best with Explore targeting Active. To add Reels Feed Targeting: Select Reels Feed > Search "Default Page" and click to add.
  • Language Filters
    • Easily filter by language to precisely engage with any audience in the world.
  • Enhanced User Interface
    • Added a new Typeface and tighter panes across the backend. New frontend for easy membership onboarding.
  • Advanced Viewing
    • Like a story and pause automation, while story like delay is not expired.
    • This algorithm is good for tasks, when you are using only story likes because you will process all detected stories, but it can slow down other action types.
  • Mother-Child Operations 🌟
    • For highly advanced users and agencies, you can now leverage StoryRadar for Mother-Child Method. If you need more information about this incredible strategy, reach out to us via the options below.

“These targets have been crushing the last week. Adding my podcast page today as well”

- Travis B. // Gained 483 Followers within 5 days of using StoryRadar

Questions, Feedback or Need Help? 🛟

Access our Configuration Guide for Setting Up your Account ↓

Access the Setup Guides

Email for fastest response:

Message concierge on Skype: @managerjacks

Connect with concierge on Telegram: @managerjacks

“Working like a charm on my personal account”

- Zack S. // Gained 1305 followers in 1 month of using StoryRadar

StoryRadar 2024 Statistics*

Accounts with 30 Days of Data: 1832

Average Monthly Client Gained: 1,451 Followers

Top Performing Account Gained: 18,719 Followers (in 30 days)

Accounts Gained (Year to Date): 4,841,901 Followers

Last updated: May 19, 2024

Special Offers & Discount Codes

Use discount code: ' JUMP30 ' at checkout! ❤️‍🔥

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Results shown are based on a pool of 1832 clients that had at least 30 days of stats tracking. StoryRadar results are not guaranteed. Using software in high-risk automations can result in restrictions, please follow our safety guide before using StoryRadar. We are not responsible for misconfigurations or user errors that may result in issues with your profiles. If you have questions please ask our Support team for help. If you are using other similar services or software with your attached profiles, you are not eligible for StoryRadar and must terminate those programs before using this software. Tropica Marketing LLC does not make any assurances on increased revenue, lead generation or account growth as StoryRadar is a self-serve software, all results are the by-product of client inputs through software configuration, profile quality and content output. You must agree to our Terms of Service before using.

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Refunds and Membership Management

We will give you a Full Refund for your order if your account is ineligible for StoryRadar. If you would like to end your StoryRadar membership, you can make adjustments here: GumRoad Library

Refunds can only be processed for accounts that are incompatible with our software.
(less than 1% of accounts are ineligible for StoryRadar)

Cancelled Memberships end on the scheduled membership date unless renewed prior to that day.

Last updated May 30, 2023

StoryRadar Elite is for Influencers and Business pages.

Private Networking 🛰️
All actions are done through 5G Mobile Connected, iOS Device emulation.
Account Manager 🛎️
A concierge member will touch base with you with insight to build faster, quality audiences for your page.
Automatic Updates 💕
Your StoryRadar account will get the latest update from our team at every stage.
Fast Concierge Support 🛟
Anytime you need help, our team will assist you. Need a new strategy for your page or just need some help? Reach out to us via Email, WhatsApp or Telegram! (See bottom of page)
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StoryRadar Elite - View Stories to Attract Raving Fans

231 ratings
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