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Viewer Targeting Optimization + Setup for OGViewer

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Agencies can now order Custom Optimizations + Setups for OGV & StoryRadar Platforms

If you are a busy agency operator and need a fast assist for your OGV or SR setups, our team now has you covered. Simply import the account you are onboarding, then order a custom setup from this page. Our team will handle the rest of the viewer configuration for you.

This a-la-carte option saves you time and ensures the highest possible results are obtained fro your agency clients.

Order any option below:

  • Custom Client Setup: the first setup of an account with 200+ unique targets, 15 Keywords, 10 relevant locations and 8 hashtags + Full Settings for optimal results
  • Client Optimization: order anytime to refresh targets and algorithms on any account
  • Welcome DM + Pending DM: get 10 custom responses and warm-up messages for any client (list sent to your agency for approval first) 1 revision included

The above options are best suited for operators of the Quantum Horizons suite for OGViewer or StoryRadar. Want to become an operator? Email

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Refunds Policy

This product does not include refunds and is only for current users of OGViewer or StoryRadar products. We will only revise a setup once after ordering. Questions before you buy? Email

Last updated Jun 11, 2024

Custom targeting setup for OGViewer or StoryRadar

200+ Unique Targets hand selected by an expert technician
Fully Updated Algorithm + Viewing Options
Messages + Speed optimizations
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Viewer Targeting Optimization + Setup for OGViewer

6 ratings
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